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Save Half Your Income

and take control of your future.

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The average American family saves less than 10% of their take-home pay, according to this article from The Motley Fool. That means we’re paying ourselves less than we tip our servers in restaurants!
Learn the techniques to figure out your magic number, cut expenses, earn more money, and set up a system to save half your income for the rest of your life.


You might be one of the people reading this and thinking, “there’s no way I could save half my income.” I was right there with you when I first learned about this movement. It was December 2012, and I was working hard toward getting out of debt. A friend told me that the best way to get ahead was to save at least half of what you brought in. Immediately the excuses started piling up. “I don’t make enough money!” “I can’t do that right now!” “Maybe someday in the future.”

The future is now.